The Sierra 1500 has been a light-duty truck option for many years. It provides a comfortable ride with a variety of engines and towing capabilities. The Sierra 1500 has seven trim levels from which you can choose, making it a great option to consider. No matter which trims level interests you, you will find that they all are fully loaded and will be happy at any trim level.


The 2024 Chevrolet Equinox EV has the same name as the Equinox, but that's where the similarity ends. The Equinox EV is an electric model that is a true crossover vehicle. It has a newly-designed shape to give it a more futuristic look. Making it even more future forward, the Equinox EV has a hands-free start. This system lets you jump right into the car and take off without hesitation. It also has a large wireless charging pad to keep all your devices fully charged. 


The Chevy Trax has been available in the US since 2015. Chevy has continued to make updates and changes to the vehicle over the past eight years. In 2024, it will be redesigned with a stylish look, additional space, and enhanced safety. However, it is still holding on to its affordable price tag. This article will give you updated information about what we believe will be incorporated in the 2024 version of the Trax.


Shopping for a new GMC can be fun and exciting - and also a little overwhelming. From trucks to SUVs, there are plenty of options for 2023. At Glockner Chevrolet, our goal is to make it easy for you to find the model that's right for you. We're here for you every step of the way, and you can conduct model research on our website before even getting to the dealership.


Buying a used car can be a great way to find a car that meets all of your needs and ensure that it fits within your budget. You'll want to find a car that offers the features you want. And whether you're paying cash or looking to finance, we can help at Glockner Chevrolet. 

With our help, buying a used car in Portsmouth, OH will be simple.

Car-Buying Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pick the right vehicle?

If you're not sure what type of vehicle you want, ask yourself what your priorities are. Do you want to drive to work solo in a fuel-efficient car, go off-roading in any season, or have enough room for all of the family to ride together?

You can then determine what is available to fulfill your needs by going to our Glockner Family of Dealerships home page and doing an online search. You can specify such options as years, makes, body style, mileage, and price.

If you prefer, you can stop by one of our dealerships and talk to one of our sales consultants. They are experts at helping you narrow our large inventory to one ideal choice for you.


Do you need to get your car repaired? If so, one of the most important questions you will have to answer is what type of parts you want to use on your car. When you have an option, you need to go with OEM parts. These are parts that come from the original equipment manufacturer. These parts have been made specifically for your car, and there are several benefits you will enjoy if you decide to go with OEM parts for your vehicle. At Glockner Chevrolet, it would be our pleasure to talk to you about some of the benefits of the parts and remember to give us a call to schedule an appointment for your vehicle.

Learn More about Kelley Blue Book's Instant Cash Offer

If you are thinking about selling your car, you want to get as much money for it as possible. If you put your car for sale online, you never know who is going to make an offer on your car. It might be a while before one comes in, but when you get an offer, how do you know if it is a good one or not? At the Glockner Family of Dealerships, we encourage you to take advantage of the instant cash offer from Kelley Blue Book. That way, you know exactly how much your car is worth, and you can bring it to our dealership to learn more. How does the process work, and what do you need to know?

How a Dirty Air Filter Can Affect Your Car's Performance 

Most vehicles have two air filters that allow clean air to enter into the vehicle. The first air filter is a cabin air filter, which provides clean air to the interior of a vehicle for its occupants to enjoy. The second air filter is an engine air filter, which supplies clean air to the engine of a vehicle. 

The engine air filter is vital to the performance of a vehicle because it separates particles from the air that enters into the vehicle's engine compartment. It is necessary for this air to remain clean, as the air is used by the vehicle's engine to complete its combustion process and provide power to the vehicle. When the air filter of a vehicle's engine is dirty, it cannot clean the new air effectively. In some cases, a dirty air filter can prevent air from entering an engine. There are several problems that a driver may experience when the engine air filter of their vehicle is too dirty.

Why Buy Used? 

You're dreaming of parking a new car at your home because you like the advanced safety features, powerful and fuel-efficient engine, high-tech amenities, and new car smell. Until the exorbitant price tag has you doing a double-take. You're thinking that you can't ever afford a new ride. But that's one of the many reasons why you should consider a used vehicle instead.

Benefits of Trading in Your Vehicle

When you buy a new vehicle from Glockner Chevrolet, you need to figure out what to do with your old car. You may think that selling it will put more money in your pocket. But trading it in for your new vehicle, which applies a credit to your purchase based on the value of your vehicle, grants you many benefits.

Winter Driving Tips

Many drivers in the greater Glockner area only consider road conditions while driving and make very little changes that greatly could affect traction and handling while driving in wintry weather. The following are some very useful tips on how to prepare your car for wintertime travels and how best to handle wintry driving conditions.


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